Karen FranklinKAREN FRANKLIN, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, an instructor at Alliant International University, and chair of the Ethics & Professional Affairs Committee of the Alameda County Psychological Association. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of criminal defendants. She was among the first to study the motivations of hate crime offenders, and presented her findings at a U.S. Congressional briefing. Other research interests include the social dynamics of multiple-perpetrator rape and the ethics of psychiatric diagnosis in forensic settings. She was awarded the 2012 Distinguished Scientific Achievement in Psychology award from the California Psychological Association, the Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship, and the Monette/Horwitz Trust Award. Her peer-reviewed articles have appeared in Behavioral Sciences & the Law, American Behavioral Scientist, the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, the Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, and other academic journals. A former criminal investigator and legal affairs news reporter, she received her postdoctoral training in forensic psychology through the University of Washington.