Dr. Franklin’s work shines…. She presents as a neutral and thoughtful professional who would win over a jury or impress a judge with her low-key but thorough approach…. Patiently translated her profession’s jargon into concepts I could understand, helping me to deal with a difficult client and situation…. Dr. Franklin is an asset to her profession.

Natalie Tarantino, Attorney at Law, Snohomish County, Washington

Dr. Franklin is competent, credible, ethical and courageous…. Her credentials as an expert witness are impressive. Her skill on the witness stand is even more impressive. Her testimony is always clear, concise, understandable and credible. She has the courage to dispute or challenge positions taken by her peers … coupled with an ability to communicate with her patients that fostered ongoing therapeutic relationships…. I wish she were available to perform second-opinion evaluations for my clients!

Barbara Watanabe, Attorney at Law, Pierce County, Washington

Strong clinical judgment … excellent ability to conceptualize and integrate information … a superb writer … sensitive to diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds…. I recommend her without hesitation.

G. Andrew H. Benjamin, J.D., Ph.D., Law Professor, University of Washington

Karen Franklin worked for over two years on a high-profile capital case in which the defendant was described as “the poster boy for the death penalty.” Dr. Franklin was instrumental in uncovering, analyzing, and integrating deeply buried evidence that became the cornerstone of the penalty phase defense. Ultimately, after the jury heard “the other side of the story,” it voted to spare the defendant’s life. The client and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Franklin for the skill, judgment, and professionalism that she brought to the case.

Mark D. Millard, Attorney at Law, Sacramento, California