handcuffed-man-borderDr. Franklin enjoys solving complex psycholegal mysteries. She approaches each case as unique, analyzing the individual, the circumstances, and the interplay between the two as it pertains to the relevant legal issue. Her state-of-the-art evaluations combine evidence-based methods with keen investigatory skills and knowledge of relevant empirical research. Grounded in journalism, her written reports explain her science-based reasoning in plain language that makes sense to judges and jurors.

Practice areas

  • Military courts-martial
  • Competencies (juvenile and adult)
  • Mental state (sanity, specific intent, amnesia, alcohol blackout, diminished capacity, etc.)
  • Risk assessment (violence, sexual offending, pretrial, post-conviction, post-sentencing, Internet offenses)
  • Sentencing mitigation / aggravation
  • Confessions (interrogative suggestibility, Miranda waiver competency, juvenile and adult)
  • Juvenile fitness hearings
  • Capital homicide (social history reports, pretrial and appellate)
  • Malingering
  • Hate crime motivations (see research specialization)