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  • Static-99 Timeline

    By Brian Abbott, PhD and Karen Franklin, PhD*  The Static-99 is the most widely used instrument for assessing sex offenders’ future risk to the public. Indeed, some state governments and other agencies even mandate its use. But bureaucratic faith may be misplaced. Conventional psychological tests go through a standard process of development, beginning with the … Continue reading »

  • Delusions

    Delusions are an interesting philosophical topic, because whether a particular belief is deemed delusional often depends upon the perspective of the person or cultural group with the power to decide. The tendency of mental health practitioners to disbelieve patients has been facetiously dubbed “the Martha Mitchell effect,” after the U.S. attorney general’s wife whose bizarre-sounding … Continue reading »

  • Juvenile justice resources

    Juvenile justice training resources This page is a companion resource to my forensic psychology course component on juvenile justice. Where available, I have linked to the resources online.  General: Grisso, T. (2013). Forensic Evaluation of Juveniles, Second Edition. Sarasota, FL: Professional Resource Press. Grisso, T., Vincent, G., & Seagrave, D. (2005). Mental Health Screening and … Continue reading »

  • Support the blog

    Thanks to all of my loyal readers and subscribers for your continued support. Subscribers now number many hundreds of forensic practitioners, lawyers, educators, criminologists, researchers, authors and policy advocates from several dozen nations around the world as well as nearly all of the U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Your generous support has been essential in … Continue reading »

  • Desistance from sex offending

    Desistance from Sex Offending: Alternatives to Throwing Away the Keys by D. Richard Laws and Tony Ward Reviewed in the online journal Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology If one set out to design an intervention program to encourage criminals to reoffend,what would it look like? It should include the converse of what helps offenders … Continue reading »

  • Teaching

    Current positions Adjunct professor Alliant International University San Francisco, California Visiting research scholar School of Humanities and Social Sciences Bond University, Queensland, Australia Current and prior courses Forensic Consultation and Expert Witnessing (current) Competency Assessment and Remediation (current) Overview of Clinical Psychology and Law Research Proposal Design Sexual Violence (upper-division and graduate course at San … Continue reading »

  • Hebephilia controversy

    Much of my theoretical work involves exploring unspoken messages and biases embedded within forensic psychology paradigms. For this reason, I was fascinated when I first stumbled across the esoteric construct of “hebephilia” back in 2007. It was a made-to-order exemplar for training purposes, to illustrate the ethical pitfalls of psychiatric diagnosis in the forensic arena. … Continue reading »

  • Credentials

    Awards Distinguished Scientific Achievement in Psychology, California Psychological Association(2012) Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship Research and Scholarship Award, Monette/Horwitz Trust Licenses Clinical Psychologist, California (PSY 16570) Clinical Psychologist, Washington (PY 2305) Licensed Private Investigator, California Education Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, San Francisco State University, Summa cum laude Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, California School of … Continue reading »

  • Media

    Commentary Frequent media commentator on forensic topics Television, radio, and video interviews Guest essays in major media outlets News coverage Hate crime research, multiple-perpetrator rape theory, and other work featured in New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, PBS, and other venues   New York Times Rolling Stone CNN NPR Guardian of UK Reuters … Continue reading »

  • Correctional ethics

    This page was designed as a companion resource to my Ethics Corner column in the March 2011 issue of California Psychologist magazine. It provides background resources for those interested in exploring ethical conundrums in prison and jail settings. The column itself, “Ethics and Captive Populations,” is available HERE. Those who so glibly construct hurtful and … Continue reading »

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